Be a Stylish Mom-to-be

Having a baby bump doesn’t mean you have to stick to non-flattering dresses and generic outfits for pregnant moms. If you want to be a chic mom-to-be, here are some maternity fashion tips:

Avoid Bulky Clothes

Bulky shirts can only make you look bigger. One key in achieving a sexy look while pregnant is to choose snug-fitting outfits over bulky items. Select blouses and shirts that complement your sexy legs or your well-toned arms. Remember, snug-fitting dresses that stretch over your baby bump look sexier than your hubby’s oversized sweatshirt. Another tip is to pair black leggings with a colorful top for a more fashionable ensemble.


To jazz up a drab maternity outfit, simply wear trendy accessories such as beaded wristbands or lariat necklaces. Colorful lariat necklaces balance the fullness of your face and provide colorful trimmings to an otherwise plain-looking maternity dress. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with accessories — you don’t want to end up looking like a Christmas ornament.

Add Some Colors

Colorful tops such as bright-colored sweaters or blouses are good options when looking for maternity wear. Colorful clothes can definitely brighten your day especially when you’re feeling a little bit sick in the morning. Don’t be afraid to go for your favorite colors or tones that complement your flawless skin.

Go for Sexy Sandals

To complete your maternity wear, opt for strappy or open-toed sandals. A sexy pair of shoes can certainly jazz up any outfit. So instead of wearing a pair of old sneakers, go for sexy shoes that bring out the best in you. Don’t forget to get a pedicure though.

Flaunt a Chic Bag

Whether it’s a tote bag or a shiny patent bag, the perfect accessory for a maternity outfit is a stylish bag. You don’t have to go for designer bags. Just choose a bag that can carry all your essentials and can complement your overall look.

When looking for maternity wear, always remember that your clothes should provide comfort and style. So look for trendy outfits that adjust to your body shape.


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