How To Teach Kids to Use the Potty

Potty training is a very important stage in your child’s development. Aside from the fact that you won’t have to deal with messy diapers, potty training also means that your child is indeed growing up. If you think potty training is a messy task, here are some tips to help you out:

Know the Right Timing

The perfect time to train your child to use the toilet is not age-dependent. It’s more of whether your child is emotionally and physically ready or not. A lot of kids show interest in using the potty when they reach the age of two but this doesn’t apply to every child. As a matter of fact, other kids may not be ready to be potty trained even if they’re 2 years old or older. Rushing your kid to get potty trained may only cause more delays. If your two-year old kid doesn’t seem to get the idea of using the potty, wait for a couple of months and try again.

Introduce your Kid to the Potty

A potty chair is a very useful equipment when training your kid to use the toilet. If your child seems eager to get on with potty training, start by bringing in a potty chair. Let your child satisfy his curiosity as he explores the parts of a toilet through a potty chair.

Establish Regular Toilet Breaks

To familiarize your child with the concept of using the potty everytime he or she needs to make a wee-wee or poo-poo, schedule toilet breaks throughout the day. Remove your child’s diaper and let him or her sit on the potty chair. If the kid is not comfortable or the child is not successful, praise the kid’s effort for more encouragement. If your kid wasn’t able to make a wee-wee or poo-poo while using the potty chair, remind the child that it’s okay and that he or she may try again later.

Aside from words of encouragement and praise, a kid undergoing potty training may appreciate simple rewards. A special trip to the zoo or more bedtime stories can encourage your kid to go to the toilet whenever nature calls.

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