Ending a Sibling Fight

Being a parent is both fun and challenging. It’s fun because seeing your precious children grow up is priceless. On the other hand, being a parent can sometimes push your buttons, especially if your kids keep on fighting. Siblings fight due to a lot of reasons. Some of these reasons include changing needs and individual temperaments. Toddlers have the tendency to get possessive of their toys while teens are usually dealing with raging hormones while trying to gain some independence and individuality. If you’re running out of ideas on how to stop your children from fighting, here are some parenting tips:

Give Them some Space

As much as possible, you shouldn’t involve yourself with sibling fights. This action may only make your kids think that you’re always there to rescue a sibling or let someone get away with it. But if the fight tends to get serious, try to separate your kids and give them some space. By giving them space, you are giving them the chance to cool off and think about their actions.

Avoid Blaming A Child

Always remember that in a fight, it always takes two. So if your kids are fighting over something, avoid focusing your energy on the kid who is at fault — both of them should learn the consequences of their actions. Blaming a child may also trigger feelings of resentment because it may look like that you, as a parent, are actually taking a side.

Avoid Reacting Negatively

Although this is easier said than done, it’s not a good idea to shout or curse to stop your kids from fighting. As a parent, it’s normal to have negative reactions when your kids are squabbling but as an adult, you have to take control of the situation properly. Instead of adding fuel to the fire by shouting at your kids, try to be pro-active.

Teach Your Kids to Negotiate

If your kids are bickering over a toy, teach them how to negotiate and compromise. By solving their own disputes, kids will learn important social skills such as how to value another individual’s perspective and how to control aggressiveness.

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