Health and Fitness Tips for the Whole Family

Are your kids addicted to the TV or video games? If you and your family spend too much time in front of the TV screen or computer monitor, you may be begging for health problems associated with a less active lifestyle such as obesity. Unfortunately, leisure activities that don’t require jumping or running are more popular these days. To inspire your kids to be more active, here are some health and fitness tips for the whole family:

Monitor Screen Time

As a parent, you have to create and implement house rules that will limit your kids’ TV watching or video gaming time. Explain carefully to your kids the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Let your kids know that through activities such as sports, they’re actually helping themselves maintain a healthy weight while widening their circle of friends.

To make sure that the kids follow the house rules regarding screen time, set an example by limiting your own screen time. If kids see that their parents don’t watch TV or surf the Internet that much, they’re more likely to obey the rules.

Have a Family Sports Day

Instead of letting your kids spend their Saturday afternoons in front of the TV, encourage them to explore sports. A good idea is to hold a football match every weekend. In this way, all members of the family are encouraged to stay active and to stay away from the TV set. A walk in the park every afternoon is also a good idea. Instead of going to the mall on weekends, plan a picnic at the local park and bring along a ball or a Frisbee. Ball games not only establish your kids’ hand and eye coordination but these activities can strengthen their muscles and bones as well.

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Your kids may not like carrot sticks that much but letting them know the nutritional values of the food you put on the table is important. During snack time, slice up some carrots and cucumbers. To make them more appetizing, serve veggie sticks with delicious dips or smear them with peanut butter. One key in making your kids eat healthier food is to make veggies and fruits more appetizing and pleasing to the eyes.

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