Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids

Aside from telling your kids the importance of Thanksgiving Day in American history, how about letting them feel the spirit of Thanksgiving through various art and craft projects? If you’re running low on creative ideas on how to keep your kids busy during Thanksgiving, here are some arty and crafty ideas:

Thanksgiving-inspired Place Cards

Aside from the usual centerpiece, try to make the dinner table more inviting by creating place cards with a Thanksgiving theme. You can start by printing out patterns and images of fruits, Pilgrim hats, corns, pine cones, and turkeys. Let your kids color these images. Once the Thanksgiving-inspired images and patterns are colored, cut them out and glue them on small cardboards that can be folded in half and used as place cards. You can also let your kids write their own names or names of their relatives on the place cards.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Decorations that can be used for Thanksgiving include decorative strings and homemade centerpieces. For decorative strings, you can let your kids draw patterns or images of turkeys, pumpkins, fruits, cornucopias, leaves, and scarecrows. If your kids are too small to draw, you can simply search the Internet for printables or cut-outs. Once these images are colored, cut them out and punch a hole on the upper part of each cut-out. String them together using colorful yarns or ribbons and let your kids place them around the house. Another idea is to let your kids write about the things they are thankful for on pieces of cut-out leaves. String these leaves together for a unique hallway decor.

When doing craft projects with the kids, make sure that you supervise them. If a craft project requires the use of paint and sharp or small items, handle these items yourself. Small kids may get hurt by accidentally cutting themselves or they might swallow small craft items. To keep the working area clean, spread newspapers on the floor or on the table. This tip is especially helpful if a project requires paints or other coloring materials. When buying paints and coloring materials, stick to non-toxic items.

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